Flowers, architecture and new experiences in the park
On 8 April, Sofiero opens for a new season showcasing several exciting novelties and a packed programme that offers architectural variation, floristic inspiration and garden pleasures. When Sofiero Castle and the Castle Gardens open for the season on 8 April, the park will be in its spring garb. Horticulturists have adorned the park, and in the flower beds, the first flowers of spring are making an appearance. In the Royal Wine House, a miniature exhibition of narcissus is on display, arousing curiosity in both adults and children alike. This year’s exhibition in the castle, 100% Wingardh? is a personal journey with Gert Wingårdh through several decades of creation. In the park, there will be more architectural features when seven architects create their unique outdoor installations. The season also offers Sofiero Classic – an exhibition of classic motor vehicles from past and present, the inauguration of a new innovative playground, atmospheric midsummer celebrations, an inspiring Garden Week, late summer grandeur with dahlias, autumn lights and much more.
SOFIERO’S PROGRAMME 2022 Exhibitions Spring miniatures 8 April-5 May
The exhibition in Vinhuset, signed by Sofiero’s gardener Sara Bratt, shows a magnificent collection of miniature narcissus where the visitor can admire their detail and unique variety. 100% Wingardh? 5 May to 24 September
Sweden’s most popular architect, Gert Wingårdh, will be moving into Sofiero Castle in the summer of 2022. The exhibition offers a personal and generous look back at several projects signed Wingårdh. Scale 1:1 – unique architecture in symbiosis with Sofiero’s nature 25 May to 13 November
During the 2022 season, seven renowned architects have created conceptual outdoor works in the park. They highlight thoughts on contemporary architecture, urban development, sustainability and innovation with a link to the H22 City Expo. The Good Garden 15 June to 24 September The exhibition, created by Sofiero’s garden designer Sara Bratt, shows how to build an edible garden out of perennials and how you can easily grow enjoyable, sustainable and edible plants. Coming into flower in the park Spring flowers April – May
The first flowers of the year offer perky narcissus and daffodils in shades of soft apricot, pale yellow and white. Don’t miss the pleasure garden’s purple tulips! The rhododendron, blooming May-June
From mid-May to mid-June, thousands of shrubs bloom in the park. The blooming flowers form the highlight of the year and attract visitors from all over the world. Summer flowers June – August
With 40,000 flowering varieties such as snapdragons, sage, dahlias, roses, perennials and flowering trees, the park is an oasis in the summer heat. Dahlia in our hearts August-September
At the end of summer, the dahlias explode into bright colours. Over 30 different varieties of dahlia bloom in every conceivable shade and shape. What’s happening The spring run May 3
Sweden’s largest women’s running race has its start and finish in the park. (The spring run is arranged by IS Göta). Sofiero Classic 12 June
A unique exhibition of classic vehicles from past and present. Flair and inspiration combined with shows, competitions and activities for the family. Midsummer at Sofiero 24 June
Sofiero invites you to a traditional celebration in the park with dancing around the Midsummer pole and activities for the whole family. Garden Week at Sofiero 26 August-4 September
Over a period of ten days, the park is filled with inspiration for your garden, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and more. Autumn light October-November
When the autumn darkness settles over the park, Sofiero is illuminated by thousands of outdoor candles and lights. Take in the magical atmosphere and experience the breathtaking light activities for both children and adults. Food & beverage The bistro in the orangery serves crispy pizzas, sandwiches and light dishes made from fine ingredients with an emphasis on locally grown. Overlooking the rhododendron ravines, Café Glasverandan offers classic shrimp sandwiches, lunch of the day and home-made pastries. Sofiero Castle Restaurant is ranked one of the top restaurants in Sweden where you can enjoy excellent food along with a fantastic view. Concerts at Sofiero
Over the years, both Swedish and international stars have performed in front of audiences at Sofiero. In the summer of 2022, Sofiero will be visited by several artists. (The concerts are organized by external production companies.) • The Ark 28 July • The Hives, Mando Diao & The Sounds 9 July • Owl, Miss Li & Petter 29 July • Tomas Ledin 1 July • Lars Winnerbäck 8 July • Toto 10 August Read more about this year’s programme on Sofiero’s website > For more information
Programme questions: Anna Schibli, Programme and Development Manager,, phone +46 (0)76 855 97 74 Business issues: Jesper Larsson acting Head of Operations,, phone +46 (0)70 824 26 19 Sofiero Castle and Castle Garden in Helsingborg is a place where royal tradition meets experimentation and verdant curiosity. The park has Sweden’s largest collection of rhododendrons and is a haven for both garden enthusiasts and families with children. Sofiero Castle and the castle gardens are part of Helsingborg Arena & Scen, one of the Nordic region’s major cultural and event companies. Helsingborg Arena & Scen is owned by the City of Helsingborg.